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Founded over a decade ago, we at Trusted Auto Glass Repair in Phoenix, consider ourselves to be on the front line of Phoenix windshield replacement! Established 2001, Trusted Auto Glass & Windshield Repair continues to be at the cutting edge of auto glass Orlando for more than A decade! We are proud to say that we were selected as the #1 auto glass Phoenix shop for 2011, and we promise to live up to that reputation. We know that it may be tough to budget time and money for a windshield replacement in Phoenix. Let’s be realistic, a fracture in your windshield or another section of glass is usually a legitimate headache. Listed below are just a few ways we try to take the pain out of an auto glass replacement.

Spending your hard earned dollars on the unexpected auto glass expense is the last this you want and/or planned for. We get it, and because we get it, we’ll quote you the lowest Orlando auto glass prices around. Just ask, and we promise to beat any previously quoted cost on factory glass by at the very least, 5 bucks!

In Phoenix, auto glass is nearly always covered by your insurance company. Awesome! You need windshield replacement shop fully approved and recommended by your insurance company, and that shop… is us! We hold your hand throughout the (sometimes tedious) reporting process, and make it easy. We even handle all the boring paperwork, just make the call, and within minutes, we’ll be headed to your home, office, or work with a brand new piece of glass!

At the office, school, your home, or wherever… we consistently come your way, absolutely FREE! Want it completed right now? We gotcha! We’ll never bump the price, increase the tax or charge a silly fuel charge. Our goal is to simply make your auto glass experience as easy and hassle free as we can manage.

Did you know that all windshields may not be built the same? Installing a low-grade piece of glass will not only allow more road noise into your vehicle, but can lead to more serious problems. What is worse, through the use of low grade glass, you’d put oneself as well as your passengers at risk because auto glass is a vital part of your automobile structural strength. Making sure the auto glass shop you choose uses the highest quality auto glass may just save your life (or limbs) in the case of a crash. OEM, or Original Equipment Manufactured, is the only quality of auto glass that we at Trusted install. Every time.

Our reputation means the world to us. We work tirelessly to deliver the ideal auto glass replacement experience available. In fact, we hope to add you to our list of raving reviews after your auto glass replacement or windshield repair in Phoenix!.

Why invest in excess of Three times the price for a auto glass replacement when we can offer you Phoenix windshield repair? Provided your chip hasn’t spread to a size larger than a dollar bill, we’ll be able to repair it to keep from spreading. We can fill the chip or crack in your auto glass with a bonding material that will prevent it from ever spreading.

At Trusted, we are a family owned & operated organization, and we wish to stay this way. Simply said, when you choose us for your auto glass Orlando, you become an extension of our family.

A Decade Worth Of Happy Customers Can’t Be Wrong!

As They say… experience is the wisest of all teachers. Our master tech windshield and auto glass experts are fully certified through the NGA, or National Glass Association (college for auto glass), and combined, we have over 200 years of windshield installs under our belt!

Your Auto Glass Is Covered For The Lifetime Of Your Vehicle!

Be it a wind leak, air noise, water drip… After windshield replacement Orlando , we’ll stand behind our warranty and come to you to repair any concern at no charge. When you go with Trusted Auto Glass Orlando, you’re covered!

At Trusted Auto Glass, we offer the above mentioned services with much more in mind than simply gaining your business. We try to provide you, with the top quality auto glass repair or windshield replacement experience in an attempt to build you r trust an earn your loyalty.

Thank you, sincerely, for visiting our site, we look forward to speaking with you.

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Windshield Repair and Replacement Services

Did you know more technology is used in the making of today’s vehicles than NASA used in putting a man on the moon? Steve Potts, owner of Steve’s Auto Glass located Tampa bay. Steve, enjoys sharing this little known fact with his customers. “It’s pretty amazing, but it’s true. Today’s vehicles are made with such precision, to tolerances less than the thickness of a dime. And with their advanced unibody construction, they are so

fully integrated, that, as I tell my customers, ‘Your windshield is not just a piece of glass that keeps the bugs and the rain out …not anymore.’”

According to the National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), the windshield of today’s vehicles is the most vital component of the vehicle’s safety restraint systems, including airbags. Without a windshield the passenger side airbag is useless, and in a rollover situation, the roof would collapse and the passengers would be crushed. It is a warning that Steve believes he must share because, “Industry statistics show that on average a person might need a windshield replacement every five to seven years. Which means in most cases the person needing a windshield replacement has very little knowledge or experience with the replacement process and what really needs to be done.”

Steve, who has been in the auto glass business for more than 30 years, is very aware of most customers’ inexperience. “That’s why I advise when you need a windshield replacement, it is always best to choose an auto glass company with people you know and trust to do the work.” He explains why. “The most crucial part of all windshield replacements is hidden, much like an iceberg, with the critical safety components laying below the surface. This is why if you accept anything less than a windshield installation done to the manufacturer’s strict specifications with original factory brand glass and adhesives, it could set into motion a chain of events that, in an accident, could cause the vehicle’s safety restraint system to fail when you need it most…at the moment of impact.”

Steve reminds his customers, “In an accident, there is no rehearsal, there is no second chance. And, is that really the best time to find out whether or not your windshield replacement was done properly and safely?”

Why take chances? When you need a windshield replacement, make the safest choice, choose Steve’s Auto Glass for hassle-free claims service and the finest windshield replacement service available. You will never pay one dime more than your deductible and all of their work is guaranteed for life. As Steve says, “We believe your windshield is much more than just a piece of glass, it’s peace of mind.”